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Failure is a good thing

Re-frame failure for long-term success

Highlights from Mind the Product October 2023 conference

Unpacking the premier product conference

Managing underperformance

Strategies for Team Member Improvement

Encouraging and managing outstanding team performance

Leading Exceptional Team Performers

Navigating Your Role as a Product Manager in a New Team

Product Manager's Guide to Success in a New Team.

What is it like working in a startup?

Five ways working in a startup is different to other organisations.

Mastering risk management

Identifying risks early can help you avoid issues that can sink a project.

Estimating in an uncertain world. Is probabilistic forecasting the answer?

Is this the end of story point estimation?

Delivering a successful discovery

Key learnings from leading a discovery.

Planning the first week of a project

The perfect way to structure a project at the beginning.

Delivering a successful beta

Key learnings from leading a beta.

Delivering a successful alpha

Key learnings from leading an alpha.

How to get started with a user research plan

A useful workshop to run in the first week of a project.

Building a positive team culture

Spoiler alert! Don’t be a dick.

How to create a product roadmap

Setting your intention.

How to create a product strategy

How to meet your north star.

How to set a product vision

Setting your north star for the next 3-5 years.

11 takeaways from Negotiation Masters

The ‘art of the deal’ takes practice and patience.

Digital strategies are dull. What makes them exciting?

Let's make digital strategies great again.

Seven facilitation tips to lead the perfect workshop

My tips to help you run the perfect workshop remote or in-person.

My Coaching Journey - Part 5

The finish line.

My Coaching Journey - Part 4

Coaching the coach.

My Coaching Journey - Part 3

Coaching in the moment.

My Coaching Journey - Part 2

Setting the North Star ⭐️.

My Coaching Journey - Part 1

Taking the first step in my coaching career.

5 ways working in a digital agency is different to Government

My experience moving from Government to an agency.

Tools in your toolkit

A collection of techniques for any situation.

Leading during the COVID-19 crisis

12 lessons learnt from the digital frontline

The power of reverse mentoring

A blog post about how reverse mentoring can provide an open and honest environment to discuss how we can foster greater inclusion at work.