product management

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Estimating in an uncertain world. Is probabilistic forecasting the answer?

Is this the end of story point estimation?

Delivering a successful discovery

Key learnings from leading a discovery.

Planning the first week of a project

The perfect way to structure a project at the beginning.

Delivering a successful beta

Key learnings from leading a beta.

Delivering a successful alpha

Key learnings from leading an alpha.

Building a positive team culture

Spoiler alert! Don’t be a dick.

How to create a product roadmap

Setting your intention.

How to create a product strategy

How to meet your north star.

How to set a product vision

Setting your north star for the next 3-5 years.

Digital strategies are dull. What makes them exciting?

Let's make digital strategies great again.

Seven facilitation tips to lead the perfect workshop

My tips to help you run the perfect workshop remote or in-person.

5 ways working in a digital agency is different to Government

My experience moving from Government to an agency.

Tools in your toolkit

A collection of techniques for any situation.

Running a remote ideation session

Generating creative ideas to problems.

Welcome to my new blog!

Improving my technical understanding of digital products using Jekyll, Github and Netlify.

Leading during the COVID-19 crisis

12 lessons learnt from the digital frontline

Taking a website from discovery to live - the Fleming Fund journey

How I delivered a website for the Chief Medical Officer for England.

Health Product People - Prioritisation

Prioritisation methods to suit different needs.

Resources to help you make your service accessible

A blog post about how to ensure your product is accessible for all.

Running a design sprint with policy teams

How to use Google's design sprint to influence policy making.

How to decide on area of focus and scope

An exercise to help teams focus on what's important.

Getting started with user research

User research is important as it helps teams learn about users and create services that meet their needs.